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Intermountain – Hardwood

Established in 1934

Intermountain Wood Products has grown to 10 locations and Intermountain Flooring to 12 locations throughout the Midwest and Western United States. We offer a complete selection of wood flooring products.

Hallmark Floors uses only true hardwood veneers and TSCA Title VI glues for the center-ply in our engineered floors’ hardwood construction. The center veneers are cold pressed, then hot pressed using tremendous pressure. This process makes the eco-friendly center core harder and more proportionally stable.
Below are just a few styles to choose from, we have so much more in our showroom!




The Alta Vista hardwood collection is a return to vintage European Design. These beautiful classic and refined floors are crafted out of European Oak, a premier hardwood species that has been used for everything from flooring to shipbuilding over the centuries due to its stability. The floors feature Hallmark Floors’ authentic sawn-cut style, are lightly sculpted and wire brushed by hand. The boards are of generous widths and lengths, and the surface is treated with our exclusive Nu Oil® finish for a classic style and elegance.



Grain & Saw is a subtle reclaimed look inspired by 14th-century handcrafted guilds, paired with the latest materials this collection will compliment every interior.